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iPad powerpoint compatability

Hi all, 


I'm trying to run a webinar in which we have one presenter talking over a powerpoint presentation. They are logging in via an iPad Pro 12.9 on iOS 14.7.1. When the presentation is run in GoToWebinar, the animations don't work, some of the fonts are changed, and some of the graphics are moved around / out of place. 


When I run the presentation via a HP laptop, all of the above issues are fine. Due to company policy our presenter is unable to use a laptop for the webinar, so I was wondering if anyone has encountered the above issues and whether they found solutions. 



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Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

Re: iPad powerpoint compatability

Are you saying the fonts you see on the PowerPoint on the iPad are different from the fonts you see as a webinar attendee on a different computer.

The fonts installed on the laptop and the Pad are bound to be different, so the fonts in PowerPoint will look different on the two devices.


If however, the fonts that show on the iPad are different from what you see as a webinar attendee on a different device, then Apple is somehow substituting fonts when you share the screen. 


It is doubtful that GoTo is the problem, since GoTo is just sharing the screen that Apple has made available.  GoTo is not recompiling the PowerPoint slides.