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"Virtual event" Glitches

I would really love to be able to use the "virtual event" feature. It seems to make creating a webinar series much easier and visually appealing from a landing page/info standpoint. 


However, there are a few issues or glitches I am currently having with it. 

- I can't customize the registration disclaimer like in regular webinars. 

- I don't think I can set up emails for reminders to people? At least that I can find. 

- I can't create custom tracking links to know where people are registering from.

- Once registered, you get an email, no easy way to "add to calendar". You have to go to the landing page in order to add individual sessions. Ideally it should be done from the email. 

- I can't change who that email is from (our webinar emails say they come from us vs. Log Me In). Or provide more information to direct these people what to do to add to calendar and join the sessions by customizing an email.  

- In my test, I can't seem to join a session. I can see the button but I can't get any browsers or devices to actually join it. No one else can either.

 - Getting there (to join a session) is not user-friendly either. Our audience is often low-tech. They have to click to go to the page and then wait until the session is broadcast (at least as far as I can tell). And then likely refresh.

- Also, are there live stream capabilities with it?

LogMeIn Manager

Re: "Virtual event" Glitches

Hi @webinarsctct 


Virtual Events is a new feature we are still developing, please review the FAQ. More capabilities will be added in the coming months.


Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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