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New Contributor

Access to PC with Azure Domain

Hello everyone. We use LogMeIn Central to manage our customers PC. We have a new customer who use Azure Active Directory in all of their PC, and when trying to connect via LogMeIn, we can access using only local account, we can't use the Azure AD users. How can we solve this problem?

New Contributor

Re: Access to PC with Azure Domain

We are struggling with the same issue as we have begun shifting from on-prem AD to Azure AD for new computers moving forward.  We have even added the Azure AD users to local Administrators group with no success.

If you wind up resolving this I'd love to hear what you find, and I will be sure to post back any of my successes as well.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Access to PC with Azure Domain

Hi there,

If you've already gone through the relevant steps in this support guide for Azure users, then we may want to see what's different in your set up through a Customer Support case.