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Alert acknowledgements

Maybe I am being too picky about this but I really hate the way the alerts work with acknowledgements. If I have a device that is pegged at 100% CPU, I get the alert.  If the device returns to normal, I get another email. That workflow is fine.  But when I go into LMI Central, I see all of the alerts, and 99% of the time, they have already returned to normal. Now I have to select all of the alerts and acknowledge them and then select them all again and then delete them all.


I see no reason to keep an alert if the condition has returned to normal. It would be nice to have the alerts logged for historical purposes, but then have the system automatically remove them whether or not they have been acknowledged or not.  At least give us the option to handle alerts this way. I have over 120 workstations, and at 1am the enterprise virus scan runs, and I usually get a lot of alerts during the night about CPU usage during the scan.  I have to deal with this pretty much every morning, and it's starting to get old.

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