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Chrome logmein app autostart configuration

In case anyone uses chrome to access  remote computers (as opposed to the LogMeIn client) you may have noticed that Chrome constantly prompts to open the LogMeIn client app and does not give an option to remember.   The option to remember was removed from Chrome for the reasons described here:


Luckily (as mentioned in the link) you can enable the option to remember in the Enterprise version of Chrome.  Download it from here :


Unzip it and install the MSI file.  Then copy the group policy files to the correct location on the local computer.  See


Open the Group Policy editor and look for "Google" under User Configuration | Administrator Templates.  Under Google | Google Chrome look for the policy 'Show an "Always Open" checkbox in external protocol handler' and enable it.


Open Chrome, login to loginmein and connect to the computer.  Now you should see the option to "Always open" the logmein app!

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Re: Chrome logmein app autostart configuration

It's nice that this works but checking the box does nothing, it still asks EVERY time.  Tried Edge, Firefox and Chrome on 2 different computers and still the same issue.  Suggestions?

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Re: Chrome logmein app autostart configuration

Yeah, my original post is not valid anymore... they changed something again and I can't get it to stop popping up the prompt anymore.  They want you to use the LogMeIn client which is practically useless for me since I don't always use the same computer or even a computer that has logmein on it to access other computers.