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Computers report "windows update service is disabled"

I have several computers connected through LogMeIn central, and a few of them reports that the Windows Update service is disabled. When connecting to them, the update service definitely is running, I restart the service, and also restart the computer, but still Central reports the same. The latest one which started reporting this is Win10, 1803, with LogMeIn client 12700. What could be the reason for this?


Re: Computers report "windows update service is disabled"



I am not sure if this will help but I am providing links to two items that help me when I have issues with the Windows update on Windows 10 computers.


- The first thing  I would suggest would be to upgrade your system to the latest version of Windows 10 (from 1803).  If that does not work, move forward.

- This is a TXT file with a powershell script (I did not write - attribution is contained in the script) that resets the Windows Update components.

- If that does not work, this is a REG file that does the same or similar.


** Of course, use these both at your own risk.  I use them all the time but I have no idea how your system(s) are configured or the affect these will have on them.  Download and take a look at them so that you can see what they do.  Also, do a regback and system restore point prior to using until you are confident.


All the best,