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Deployment package changes to disabled.

On 2 separate occasions the deployment package that we created has been disabled or changed to expired without any noticed.

During the first time, we had been deploying the package to IT systems and everything test out fine. A few days later, we deployed to additional machines and at some point, the newest round of machines where not showing up in the console. After digging around a bit, we noticed in the console that the Deployment Package check box for "never expire", had been unchecked.  We then re-checked the box and it was working again, but we had to uninstall\reinstall the last round of machines. The package was created while we where still in Trial mode and around the time it stopped working, was when we purchased the products and increase our license count to 1000. Not sure if this could have caused the check box to be come unchecked or not, but worth mentioning.


The 2nd occasion occurred last week, where we happen to be in the console and noticed that the deployment package was set to "Disabled" (I don’t recall if the check box for never expire was unchecked or not).  I was able to click the enable button and test a new install.


What would cause this behavior, and can we prevent it from occurring? We are expecting to deploy to about 800 machines starting next week, and we are not sure if this will reoccur in the middle of deploying, which could have a major impact on us and may require uninstalling\reinstalling.  


Is there any explanation for the changes we are seeing and what can we do to prevent this from happing? Has support seen or hear of this happening from others?