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Disable Notes access for specific Users



Is there any way to disable the ability for sub users to see the computer notes field?


If not, please add to feature request.




LogMeIn Contributor

Re: RE: Disable Users From inviting Others

@MaVeN  I'm not aware of that functionality specifically :: disabling Notes view for specific Users.  We can break this out as a specific enhancement idea for others in the Community to comment on.  May I ask what the specific case use is for your team?

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Re: RE: Disable Users From inviting Others

HI AshC,


Thanks for the reply.  The use case would be so that we could use the note field for internal use (IT).  99% of the secondary users are set up as LMI (remote access) users - not Central users.  Some of the information the IT team may put in the notes field would be information that standard users should not see or more accurately we would not want them to edit.  Perhaps a better solution would be the addition of another notes field (i.e., tech notes or something).  
Thanks for the consideration.