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New Contributor

Disable Users From inviting Others

Can I disable our users from the ability to send inviations to other people?




LogMeIn Contributor

Re: HDeisbale Users From inviting Others

@bgreenlee  Sorry, are you referencing the ability to invite New Users to your LMI Central account?  In this case, the functionality would be restricted to having an Administrator profile as a User there.

New Contributor

RE: Disable Users From inviting Others

Yes that is exactly what I am refering too. I have not been able to find anything within Logmein Central where I can restrict this. To make it even more diffuclt, they still need to be able to add computers, just not invite new users

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: RE: Disable Users From inviting Others

@bgreenlee   If these users were all part of the same group, then you may be able to simply adjust the User Group to change the permissions of all users within.