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Enabled but Offline

I have been running into this issues randomly across all of my 90 plus computers on my account (LogMeIn Central) . I am not sure if it is a Windows update that caused has this issue, but it seems to have happened after update KB4569745 or KB4566782. Because this issue is random I have not spent the time to roll back this update on all 90 plus client machines. 

Computers will randomly go offline and I have to download and install  Teamviewer to remote in to see the issue. The Logmein service is stuck on starting (even after setting the service for all 3 attempts to restart and interact with the desktop). To fix the issue (seems to be temporary fix) I stop the services, and reinstall the product. If this does not work and the installation fails, I have to restart the computer, stop the services and reinstall again. Eventually this process works, but this is extremely frustrating because it is time consuming and I have close to 100 computer clients on my account.

I have called your tech support (3 calls totally 45 minutes each) and they have me do all this random runaround stuff that does nothing to resolve the issue before telling me that it is my computer (firewall off antivirus off) I will give this issue another month to resolve or I will be switching services because I cannot spend a hour a day fixing offline clients in case a real issue happens. Any suggestions would be appreciated on how to resolve.