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New Contributor

Exchange 2016 server cannot connect to website

I have a Windows 2012 server that had the logmein client on and has been working for wuite sometime.  This weekend I joined it to a new Domain and set it as the AD/DC and still had no issues with it.  I then installed Exchange 2016 on it.  The server can get to any internet website I tried but anytime I go to it says that the website has timed out and I can't connect to the website.  I had to uninstall the logmein client as it was showing unavailable and now can't get to the website to download and reinstall the client.


Any ideas why it would only block logmein?



LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Exchange 2016 server cannot connect to website

@awmckay  I'm not aware of any known issues that would cause a navigation error to LMI sites.... 


Are there any network or local firewalls in action there?