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Feature Request user SOS button

    I wish there was a way... something that would be in the notification tray that would allow my users to "tell me their problems" something they could click on and have a message window that appears that they could type in plain English what is wrong. This could show up in alerts be set to alert packages. I would be able to review and acknowledge the same way that I acknowledge virus threats or other alerts I get. If possible where the alert with the message would be, there would be a link to direct connect to that users PC. I'm not sure if this was the correct place to post this to but I just felt like this was a missing piece in Central.

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Re: Feature Request user SOS button



This is a great idea.  I second the feature.  Many RMM prodcuts have this feature and the message could simply go to email (this would keep the implementation simply as well as allow those that use ticketing systems to utilize it easily).


I can think of a lot of uses for a customer inteaction interface.



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Re: Feature Request user SOS button

This is a great idea! However I wonder if the current LMI team knows enough about the product to be able to do something like this. "GoTo" took over LMI and its gone to **bleep**.