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New Contributor


New LMIC user, currently have all three add-ons.  Here are some observations.


1.  Please show the last user in the host properties.  

2.  Job Status page where we can see a quick view of what jobs are running and the status of each.  Right now if you (ex) push a windows update to some PC's if you leave that window and go back to UPDATES > WINDOWS it starts you back to the beginning.  The update history window is to cumbersome. 

3.  Allow us to access the Dashboard without auto launching a remote control session.

4.  Allow custom fields (ex: in Computers) that link back to actual data (ex; last user logged on).

5.  Ad-Hoc support is clumsy at best, too many non-technical users in the field just can't get this going.

6.  For sending out updates give the option to wait until the device connects not just 1-14 days.

7.  Allow for being able to resize all columns.

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LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Feedback

Thanks @RDiaz  !

This is some great feedback for our product teams!  I have added the tag 'idea' here too, for others to see your suggestions as well.


Re: Feedback



Is there a place LMI Central users can go to see a compilation of suggestions that users have submitted and what the LMI team is currently working on?


If not, is there a place to at least see new features that are "coming soon"?




LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Feedback

Hi @MaVeN ,

While we do not currently have a 'Comming Soon' section, we do have an 'Ideas' section that you may click on, about halfway down the Central Community page on the right.