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Folder/Group Hierarchy

Hello all,


Not sure if this has been asked, and I can't find it in the forums...


Is there a way to do sub-groups?  Say for instance:




> Room 1


> Room 2




I have some sites with hundreds of systems located in various rooms.  Having Logmein Central with the capability of organizing those into sub-groups or containers would be great!


Thanks in advance!  Best regards,



Retired LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Folder/Group Hierarchy

Hello Corey,


Thanks for posting!

Unfortunately Sub-groups in Central is not a current feature -

However this has already been suggested  -  I am not able to provide you further details or timeframe on this but hopefully this will be set in a futur development plan. 

If there are other functionalities that you would think could be beneficial for the products, feel free to logg a ticket with our Support Centre (Submit Help Ticket) :  , and we will send the request on your behalf




Kind Regards,





Julie is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.
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New Contributor

Re: Folder/Group Hierarchy

This is something I am looking for too. Not sure if more people request it the more likley it will be added but just wanted to say I would like to see this as well. 


Thank You

Mike Stewart

Anchor Network Solutions

New Contributor

Re: Folder/Group Hierarchy

Good day,

The original post was make in 2014, it is not late 2021 and I'm still not finding how to accomplish this (sub groups).  Was anything implemented and I'm just missing it or is it still not implemented?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Folder/Group Hierarchy

Hi @RonBr 


I'm afraid we do not have this capability for Central yet, due to complications when inheriting permission sets. 


We do have the custom columns however, as well as bringing the “Arrange by” capability from the new AV manage page to the new Computers list-- but that’s still one group at a time.