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New Contributor

Host small display size

I am having an issue with a host that is running Windows 10 64-bit and has a 1366*768 resolution. The client has Windows 10 64-bit and a 1080p monitor.


Whenever I login using the client my screen size of the host is so small. I have tried maximizing the screen. Re-installing the DPMS drivers. I have updated all the drivers on the host. 


Besides changing the size in view. Which doesn't look that good to me text wise. Anyway what are my other options to resolve this? 

Retired LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Host small display size



Have you tried changing the resolution in the LogMeIn Remote Control Toolbar? This may help the situation. You can do this by clicking “Options” in the toolbar while in a remote session, and then under the “Resolution Settings” section changing the resolution. “Match resolution” may be a good thing to try here.





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New Contributor

Re: Host small display size

similar issue. Cannot select  "Match resolution" anymore.  My computer was rebooted at the office two days ago.  Is there a solution ?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Host small display size

@sparkerw  Sorry for the trouble there !


Do you have a snap shot of what display options are available within the viewer itself? 


In some cases, the PC itself may also need a video driver update from the manufacturer's website.