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New Contributor

LMI Update not showing all updates available.

Inside of "update", after selecting a bunch of PCs to install updates to, click on "Update Settings".  LMI then shows "xxx important"  and  "yyy optional".


Click on the "xxx important" tab and review the updates shown.  HOWEVER... only a small subset of the "xxx" are shown.  Specifically, the tab shows "269 important".  After clicking on the "268 important"  the screen then says "53 of 59 selected".


What happened to the "other" 210 important updates?  LMI has not been able to tell me.  Also, of the Microsoft update levels of "critical, important, recommended", what is LMI putting into their "important" bucket?  More to the point, exactly WHAT updates is LMI presenting to us as needing to be installed (other than optional).




Active Contributor

Re: LMI Update not showing all updates available.

I've wondered this same thing. I haven't had the time to try and get a case started with Support, so I only have one guess on what's happening here - that the count is the amount of installs rather than the number of updates. The idea here being that if 5 computers are being managed, the monthly Windows 890830 malware scanner update would cause the count to show 5 rather than 1. This is just a guess and it would be a complete pain to verify as it would take investigation into each endpoint and comparing individual updates for each, but it's the only one I've got at this point (I can't figure out any other way for my display counts to be over 2,000 and the actual selector page to be around 100). You also bring up a good point about the severity level. It'd be nice to have some kind of visibility on this through the interface, if anyone from Support is watching this thread.