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Re: LogMeIn Antivirus - What AV engine runs it?

You are correct.  I really like LogMeIn Central, but a lot of the solutions feel half-baked.

- AV - No firewall control, error if you disable, no way to remotely uninstall, no provided scripts for installation issues or removal.
- Third-party patching - No script to cleanly remove Kaspersky software (what does the patching)
- Windows Patching - No assistance to reset policies if LogMeIn cannot take control of update due to previous RMM or policy install.
Executive Report - Does not include third-party patching, cannot be automated.
No posted road map for coming features.

The product is great.  I am hoping 2020 brings some simply upgrades and fine-tuning to what is already there.
Go Go LMI! 

Thanks for sharing your opinion on the boards!