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LogMeIn (LMI) Antivirus (AV): Scans initiated from Admin Portal never run

We have "silent mode" enabled on a few of our LogMeIn Antivirus policies.  Thus, we cannot open the LogMeIn AV application on PCs that have silent mode enabled.


Often, I need to initiate a scan on one of the PCs that have silent mode enabled.  When I initiate a scan through the Admin portal, the scans never run.  Or, the Admin Console never reports that a scan has run.


LogMeIn AV Full Scan Console.png


After initiating a full scan, I leave a PC on for hours.  Again, the Admin portal never reports that a scan has been run.


We are using the latest version of LogMeIn on our Windows 10 PCs (  This problem is present in older versions of LogMeIn as well.

With that said, is there a way I can initiate a scan on a PC that has silent mode itself by using a command line or something like this?