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LogMeIn vs LogMeIn Client


We recently started to deploy the LogMeIn Central client to our internal staff systems and noticed that the MSI and batch file that we created via the deployment section of LogMeIn Central portal, is installing 2 separate programs. LogMeIn and LogMeIn Client. I think I figured out the difference between the two. 


 - LogMeIn - is the agent (for the host machine) that has the Control Panel.

 - LogMeIn Client - is the app that allows to you connected to other Host agents. 


We are using Central for remoting in to staff systems and we prefer staff not have both of these installed, specifically the agent as staff will not have a need to remote into other systems. I was curious to why the LogMeIn Client is needed and part of the default installation? I would like to NOT install this as part of our deployment package but not sure if A - can this be done? B - should it be done? I did test uninstalling it from a few systems and it seems to have no impact of what we are using LogMeIn for. I also removed the preference setting to Allow Screen sharing as I though perhaps this client was required for this feature to function. But turning it off did not impact the deployment package and continued to install the agent. 


Ultimately, we would like to deploy this agent to all 900 computers in our organization and have it not install the agent (unless required), and hidden as much as possible (I did find and option to hide it from the task tray which works great). Any tips or suggestions regarding the install options and what are the best options to minimize the logmein visibility would be great? 


I also wanted to know if there are any documents or information for the property values for the following command lines?








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Re: LogMeIn vs LogMeIn Client

@mrichardson47  I apologize for any confusion there.  Deploying the Host software automatically includes the Client as well.  While I don't know of a way to separate the two sides during install, you can create an uninstall script for just the LMI Client, to disperse through One2Many.


Regarding the hiding preference, this is only available on a host-by-host basis I'm afraid.  I'm not aware of a way to tell all hosts to minimize the software notification.

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Re: LogMeIn vs LogMeIn Client



Regarding the LogMeIn Client app, your end users can see the installation but they can not use it, unless you add their email address to your master account holder as secondary users with permissions to access the account dashboard and computers.


Here are my tips:

- Talk to your LogMeIn account manager and check if your account qualifies for a Customer Success Manager, so the Success team may help you with deployment tips and best practices 😉 


you can try to hide LMI client app from the list of programs, you need to follow the CMD line install instructions as per KB here

and specify the parameters at the end “-hideclient” for the client app


- if you want to hide the host software: You can set “Kiosk Mode” on the registry key to hide LMI host software:

   e.g.: HKLM\Software\LogMeIn\V5\Appearance\KioskMode (REG_DWORD) 1


- there is a great video about deployment on this link 


I hope it helps


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Re: LogMeIn vs LogMeIn Client

@mrichardson47  It looks like FORCESHOWCLIENT=0 as an msi install parameter will skip the client install afterall.  Hope this helps with your setup.

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Re: LogMeIn vs LogMeIn Client

Thanks AshC

That property value for FORCESHOWCLIENT=0 worked and the deployment is only installing the LogMeIn host agent.

Thanks to the others who made suggestions as well.  We are good to go and I have a deployment package with 95% of what we where looking for.  Staff can still get to the Control panel but as someone else mentioned, they can't do anything with it unless they have an account.


For anyone else looking to mimic this here is what I did:

Created a Host Preference Package with the following options:

  • Appearance
    • Unchecked - Display the LogMeIn icon in the System Tray
    • Unchecked - Show LogMeIn Client on computer

Created a Deployment package selecting the Host Preference Package.

Selected Deployment Method as Command or Batch File and selected the Silent Install check box

I then copied the command from the bat file and added the Forceshowclient=0.


msiexec.exe /i LogMeIn.msi DEPLOYID=01_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx INSTALLMETHOD=5 FQDNDESC=1 FORCESHOWCLIENT=0


The end result is a minimal foot print and only shows up in the Start menu and did not install the LogMeIn Client. It also does not display in the tasktray.


I would also add that when its deployed, the users don't see any activity but the monitor did flash for a breif second .