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Logmein client remember my choice check box not showing after client is downloaded

I have this ongoing issue with my main desktop that I use to manage my client's computers with. When I try to connect to a client computer it has a pop up that says t"his site is trying to open logmein client". Normally it will have a checkbox to "remember my choice" once the client is downloaded and kept on the computer. But for some reason on this one desktop, it does not give me the check box. I have a laptop and another desktop where I originally get the pop up with the check box and everything works as it should.


I reloaded my computer yesterday to try and fix the issue, but it is still happening. I am using the latest weekly version of Edge Dev (Chromium based Edge). I know you are going to say, that using Edge Dev is the issue, but the other desktop and laptop are running the same version and they are setup to sync settings across my MS account. LMI still works as it should, but it is a PIA to click open every time I connect to a computer. I have literally tried everything under the sun to fix the issue on this one desktop and I cannot figure it out. The same issue happens in Chrome on this desktop as well.


Anyone else?