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New Contributor

MacOS Client does not stay logged in very long

I have several MacBook Pro and iMacs that are less than a year old.  LogMeIn Central client is installed and connects to the LMI account.  The LMI client is set to start at system boot, etc.  It looks fine when I am checking while setting at the client.  A short time later (hour or two) I check remotely and LMI Central shows the clients as offline.  The clients are fine when accessing the Internet. 


What would cause the LMI client to stop connecting to account so I wouldn't see it in LMI Central?
What can I check/set/unset to ensure that the MacOS clients stay logged in so I can see them from LMI Central?


Thank you

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: MacOS Client does not stay logged in very long


I am sorry for the random offline behavior there.


Do you have some Macs that seem to stay online longer than others, or are they all going offline regularly after just a couple hours?

To answer your question, we'd want to create a case with Customer Care in order to view the endpoint log files from one of the affected machines.