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New Contributor

Need an official statement about FLASH w/One2Many

We no longer allow Flash on corporate systems due to the nature/number of security issues:


Flash security holes (1078 and counting as of this post):


Is there an official statement or roadmap I can reference before being forced to look for another RMM vendor? We've otherwise been pretty happy with LMI Central.




[posted Jan. 10, 2020]

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Need an official statement about FLASH w/One2Many


Thank you very much for the question. Indeed Flash in One2Many comes with limitations and problems.

We have been working on refreshing One2Many to improve it's usability and scalability and get rid of the Flash based file management as well.

We are expecting the new flashless mode available in beta in Q1 and the general availability in Q2.


Hope this helps, also let us know if you have any further question.