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One2Many task to change local administrator password



I have been searching on here for hours and I do not see another post for this.


I need to change the local administrator account on 3400 plus computers and I do not want to touch each one.


I started and it worked on a few computer but the others say it's finished but the command never ran.


What I have is "NET USER Administrator "Password"" (Of course without the quotes).


I have tried the same with all lower case and it still does not work. The computer I have been testing on only has a local administrator account and the administrator account is an administrator of the computer. 


I also ran the same command from the computer's command prompt, that did not work either, I had to use "net user administrator *" and then type the password in twice for it to change.


The Windows OS this would run on is: Windows 7 Pro. Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10. (I have been testing on a Windows 7 Pro Computer)


Any help is greatly appreciated. 

New Contributor

Re: One2Many task to change local administrator password

Was there an update to this?  I'm in the same boat.