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New Contributor

PC control on ipad

With this App I have my pc on ipad. But can i have control pc on ipad ? I want only mouse and kayboard just like unified remote for droid just for switch next movie. If not which app do you prefer for ipad ?
New Contributor

Re: PC control on ipad

Not being able to use a mouse when you contol a PC through LogMeIn on an iPad is a greatly reduces the effectiveness of the application. It is the iPad that doesn't support mouse drivers, but Apple may fix that with iOS 13 (yay! about frikkin' time!).


The question is, will LogMeIn support Apple's implementation of mouse drivers on the iPad in a way that LogMeIn can use for remote control of a PC when Apple releases the support? 


LogMeIn? What say you?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: PC control on ipad

Hi @haydown ,

As soon as we have confirmation that a possible solution is available, we will certainly update the Community with the new functionality, most likely on the 'What's New' thread first.