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PC unable to access logmein.

I am unable to access one of our PC's via logmein. Everything was ok till last night - it was still showing as online today but unable to access the PC remotely. The screen shot below was all that came up. The logmein client box was switched off on the PC i was trying to connect to, when a collegue tried to switch it back on nothing happened - unable to do this. Internet is working - no other issues or changes from the past 24hrs. I have tried to unistall logmein and then reinstall  - but again unable to do this - getting a 'error 1921' message.  Also keeps freezing when we try to unistall logmein.  any advice would be much appreciated, Cheers.

Annotation 2020-01-13 090752.png

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Version 4.1.3268

We are using XP(i know, no longer supported). Is it still posssible to download version 4.1.3268 of LogMeIn?

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Re: Version 4.1.3268

ignore the above - looked into everything and bascially need to update the software - good excuse to get it sorted.