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New Contributor

Relayed Tunnel

Please Draw Your Attention towards me. Why your hamachi vpn , is giving a relayed tunnel ? i know its not a error , its a connection type , when hamachi not finds any other way to connect , so its a relayed tunnel , but why , how to change it to direct tunnel without portforwarding , why do we need to portforward  , plz update your app. The fault is your app, cause we tried many vpns none of them have relayed tunnel , instead my friend lives infront of my home , still he gets a relayed tunnel , . We used radmin vpn , without portforwarding  and it worked fine with normal speed, and direct tunnel . Does your hamachi no have ability like radmin to get a direct tunnel without port forwarding??   If radmin can get a direct tunnel , why can't your app. we left radmin because it didn't gave enough speed, and your app gives upto 1Gbps but the problem is relayed tunnel , plz tell us a solution to fix it . plz plz plz. without advising to port forward.  Thanks  plz respond.


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