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Session Disconnect Logoff and Trusting my Machine



This is all via the LogMeIn site and the software opened when connecting to a site. 


I've enabled my machine as a trusted device for LogMeIn so I do not have to sign in and that works for a week or so, but eventually stops trusting my machine and makes me enter me credentials once again, as well as select the "trust this device" checkbox. Is there a period you remain trusted? Is it possible to extend that period?


Also, another issue is say I connect to a machine for 10 minutes, do what is necessary and then disconnect. I'm correctly taken to the list of machines available to me. However, say I stay on one machine for an hour and then disconnect. LogMeIn seems to have forgotten I was signed in and takes me to the login page. Work lasts much longer than an hour and I do not want to sign in 8 times a day, 1 time should be enough. How do we fix this?


There are few things on the user end that could cause this, but I am not clearing cookies or anything between connecting and disconnecting sessions, so I do not believe it is on my end.