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New Contributor

Windows 7 requirement?


Is there any insight to why the requirements allow Windows 7 seeing as it is eol as of Jan 20'? Will there be an update soon that updates this requirement to Windows 10? If not, is there going to be a security setting where we can deny access if they are Windows 7 Machine? Also the Devices under Configuration, is not reportable, you have to manually look at every single device. Is there a way to report on this?

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LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Windows 7 requirement?

@stixxz  I don't know if there will be any warnings given after Windows 7 receives it's final update, and LogMeIn will likely work for a period after Microsoft stops support for the OS.  I haven't heard yet about a hard-stop date, so we'll probably start documenting any failures as they occur and see if we need to take action blocking further download attempts.