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New Contributor

raising a ticket

I have been trying to contact you for some time, I have been on hold on the phone 6 times in the last 3 days but keep getting cut off.


This morning I e-mailed to the following addresses asking for assistance:

LogMeIn Support <>,
Edel Larsen <>,,,,,
LogMeIn Auto-Mailer <>,


I received an email telling me to contact you through the support desk, (


After eventually finding somewhere to raise a ticket I receive the error seen here:


Can someone please give me an e-mail address I can contact for support or send me a link to a support form that actually works?


alternatively, my support issue is below.


Hi All,

Last year when my LogMeIn came up for renewal I was automatically charged more than double the price (without any notification), As I know my renewal is up in April I wanted to confirm that If I choose to stay for another year I will not be penalized for being a loyal customer and my price will, in fact, stay the same?

Kind Regards
James Garvey