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replacement for central

ok, i found it.


this is better than central and rescue put together and miles cheaper.


just goole "remote utilities" (i cant put the url here as it will get blocked)


1) multiple remote connections concurrently from 1 license for 1 operator (so if like me you run from a single pc but make multiple remote connections, you only pay for 1 license)

2) no crappy .exe downloads every session

3) on demand access also included (like rescue)

3.5) persistent always on unattended for client via a customisable, skinnable silent msi installer package

5) unlimited client pc's,  all stored in a local address book

6) mobile support for ios and android

7) mutiple client side monitors visible all at once

8) no mirror driver so no more problems with some webcams / video systems


it goes on but thats all i need.


the best bit though - its not subscription based. its all available for $549.00 (£333) as a one off payment. 


minor version upgrades  are always free, major are free for a year, then discounted. 


by by log me in, its been beautiful for, ooh, six years i think but youve screwed us twice in the last month (no warning of the .exe downloader fiasco and now a price hike of 500%, and no warning of that either! screw you!)


such a shame. i wish you luck