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"Password Rejected"

I created a network from one computer with a password and then try to connect to it with my laptop and other computers, but every single time Hamachi tells me "Password Rejected" which makes NO sense! I have verified and changed the password several times.

The main computer on which I created the network is behind a a router or two, but I don't think this would lead to the "Password Rejected" message...

Any ideas or suggestions?
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Re: "Password Rejected"

I have the same problem. Can anyone help us?
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Re: "Password Rejected"

Same here!! I even reset the password in case I had it wrong!

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Re: "Password Rejected"

Never worked for me either!


You could bypass the client authentification by just 'pulling' the client into your network from the logmein web account side (I don't believe I just suggested that - but it works)


Of course, once the client is joined to the network, closing the client program doesn't really 'leave' the network which means it doesn't need to re-authenticate next time - which is a bit of a security worry - because the next person who starts your logmein program may not be you!  Remember, unlike other commercial VPN products, Himachi only authenticates the machine (which you've already done), it does not authenticate the person, which might be a worry to some.



Assuming you've 'added' the client PC from the online Logme in account - i.e. by going into logmein web account, choosing 'my networks'; 'add client'; 'install logmein on this computer' download and install.


Then, still in the web logmein account...


1. Go back to 'my networks' on the web's logmein account panel

2. you should see your new PC under 'non-members'

3. Click on EDIT at the right side of the screen

4. Click on the 'settings' mini tab

5. Choose of the three client control types you want for this client PC and click 'save'

4. Got to Network and tick the box of your new PC; click 'save'


That moves your client from a 'non-member' to a 'member' of your new network by bypassing the need for a client logon for the duration of that session. 


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Re: "Password Rejected"

Yeah try using the actual network ID not the Network Name


the Network ID is the nine digit number that is next to the name on the web account web page


the format is like this XXX-XXX-XXX


hope that helps.



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Re: "Password Rejected"

Thank you!


really help solve the problem.

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Re: "Password Rejected"

i doesnt help for me sice its the server of my frien and so i cant do annything about it
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Re: "Password Rejected"

Can you please explain a little more clearly? Thanks.
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Re: "Password Rejected"

dece nu ma lasa sa intru pe mapa unui prieten va rog ajutatima repede


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Re: "Password Rejected"