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Billing & subscription

Here's something LogMeIn could do better - and I wondeer if others share this point of view. I  operate a small busniess. I've been a Pro for Individuals subscriber since 2014. In that time, my subscription price has increased 600%. My subscription for the coming year has increased 40%. This is a striking business model, at least for the very short run. But having accepted my captivity for the coming year, I asked if my account can be charged immediately (December) rather than on the renewal date (January), for tax reasons. Nope. Can't be done, except if I would close my current acount an open a new one.  Now that's great customer service -- increase my subscription price by 40% in one year AND refuse to charge my account early.  Despite my Boston loyalties, I have to say this seems like a business ripe for disruption.

New Contributor

Re: Billing & subscription

I have also been a LogMeIn user for several years.  However, with the totally ridiculous amount of price increases over the past few years that is going to change very soon.  LogMeIn has increased their prices at a far greater rate than even the health industry.