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New Contributor

Can I use Logmein to remotely control windows media center (WMC)?

VERY new user so excuse if this has been asked before, but couldn't see via a search.


Can I use logmein to control a remote wmc session.  Had a couple of tries today on local network but when I launch WMC on the remote PC all I get on the local PC is a black screen.  Know I've had similar problems trying to get a screenshot from wmc.


Any ideas?


Thanks in anticipation



New Contributor

Re: Can I use Logmein to remotely control windows media center (WMC)?

I have used Logmein with WMC but I get a message that WMC has been stopped as it's not compatible with Logmein when I attach to the Media Center PC.


However, you can then start WMC and use it remotely but when you try to run video or TV apps you get a message that they are "not supported in WMC in this mode" (or similar).


I have also tried using WMC with VNC and while I can get an image it's ghosting and impossible to use.


I am now looking at iPhone/iPad apps which are designed to control WMC remotely over WiFi networks and if that doesn't work I'll have to get a blutooth WMC Keyboard as the Logitech IR remote I have is OK for normal use (and for my luddite partner) but not for configuring WMC.