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Disabling Guardian?

I have over 50 remote users on LogMeIn. I supply and configure their Win7 media players identically, and yet a few of them occasionally get the popup error message "logmein guardian has encountered an error do you want to send a report", even though preferences has "Never send an error report" checked. This message appears over the video and is very distracting, and ignores the "remember this setting" checkbox There are dozens of complaints in the forums about this, yet no solutiions besides "reinstall," which as far as I know can't be done remotely.


I have experimented with disabling LMIGuardianSvc in Services, and this seems to prevent the popup. What the heck does Guardian do besides report errors? Will disabling it cause problems down the road? Is anyone looking into this popup problem?

Retired LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Disabling Guardian?



So you have "never send an error report" checked off in the LogMeIn Control Panel, but the window asking you if you want LMI Guardian to send the report still appears - is that right? If so, I am not sure what would be causing this, but can you message me your LogMeIn ID in a private message? We can troubleshoot to hopefully get to the bottom of this.


Thank you,



Dylan is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.
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Re: Disabling Guardian?

If you do a search in the community for "Logmein Guardian Errors", or simply "Guardian", you'll see similar reports. I gather that this is a pretty common problem. Considering that it took you almost 3 weeks to respond to my cry for help, Dylan, I don't expect that this will be solved anytime soon. Is there a particulare system or app log you want to see?