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New Contributor

Enabled but offline

I have removed logmein from one of my computers and reinstalled it because it said enabled but  offline and I could not remotely connect. I deleted it from My Computers in my Logmein account and not cannot re-install it. McAfee is installed on the host computers but I disabled it and still cannot get Logmein up and running. Any help would be appreciated.

Retired LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Enabled but offline

Hello browens2,


Welcome to the LogMeIn Community!


When LogMeIn is Enabled but Offline, this shows that something is blocking the connection to our LogMeIn servers, usually a firewall or network setting. If you have tried disabling the firewall and you are still receiving the same error, check the time and date on the computer. If the date is incorrect, you will receive the Enabled but Offline error.



Mike Peaden
Customer Support Representative
LogMeIn, Inc.
New Contributor

Re: Enabled but offline

I have the situation where Logmein shows as offline - we have checked the date/time settings and we have turned the firewall off. We still do not get it to work. Any ideas? This is unusual.

New Contributor

Re: Enabled but offline

Same here as well.

Logmein Pro
Windows XP SP3
Firewall Off/Avast AV (All shields turned off)
Internet access available
Date/Time is correct

The machine was online as ealier as last Friday. Since 2:15PM it has shown as "Enabled but offline"
I have removed/reinstalled LMI but it still is not able to go online.

New Contributor

Re: Enabled but offline

I have same issue here as well, anyone have any ideas? I have another PC working just fine on same network. Am I only allowed one (1) computer for trial?


OS Win7 Professional

LMI Pro Trial

Working Internet

Verified time and dates

Firewall is off

Corporate firewall allows other machine to be remotely accessed?