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Getting "Connection failed" when connecting to network with Chrome

I'm acessing a remote machine with LMI and Chrome.  I have suddenly started getting a "Connection failed" error when connecting to the remote machine.  I get the login screen, log in, and when I click on the "Remote control" button it snags on the first step "Connect network". Eventually it fails with "Connection failed" (aaarrgghhh!  after laboriously preparing  a screen shot, there doesn't seem to be any way to include images in my post).


Dashboard reports that the remote PC is in session.


If I TeamViewer to yet another remote PC, I am able to then use LMI from there to access the remote machine.


If I fire up IE, that works.  


Restarting Chrome, clearing the cache doesn't fix the problem.  I suspect a full reboot might cure it but I don't have that long to live.


This has happended once before and it (eventually) resolved, but I want to know why it happens so I can avoid it, or recover from it without a reboot, or resorting to IE.


Is there any way with LMI that you can get a log file of a connection attempt?




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Re: Getting "Connection failed" when connecting to network with Chrome

Same problem here, used to connect fine, suddenly getting this failure:


"Connection failed.

unknown internal error

You have been disconnected."


was having this problem on my XP machine...


just set up a brand new Win 8 Pro machine, same problem.


incidentally, i was able to connect using LogMeIn from another machine within my own home network.   having a problem right now connecting from work.   (And, I've always had to use an SSL tunnel, which I'm still doing.)