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Help on Remote Control Options

I want to use Pro for all users at an office in order to make use of LogMeIn Central,  Alerts, One2Many, dashboard etc. However some of the users keep switching it off as they feel uncomfortable with anyone being able to access their workspace whilst they are online. I understand this and have changed the settings requiring them to approve any remote access. However now I can't get on for remote maintenance without changing the policy each time. Also if they do want me to help them they have to stay on the computer to approve my access.


I could have them go into the settings and change each time but would rather set a policy that works for everyone and then lock it down so no one can circumvent.


What I would like to be able to do is setup a Host Preferences that:


1. Requires user approval for remote access whilst logged on

2. If they want help but don't want to wait to approve they can turn this requirement off with a simple menu option on right click of icon .

3. If no user is logged on administrator login allows for remote control. This way I can initiate a log off or reboot and then do any maintenance work via administrator account.

4. If the user themselves is the remote user then they are allowed to login. They are allowed to see their own screen.


If I can't find a way for them to keep logmein running then the argument for getting pro becomes much weaker.


If anyone has any suggest solutions/workarounds let me know