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Keep the Host Resolution The Same

Is there a way to stop Logmein Pro from changing the resolution of the Host screen? I run a program on the host computer that really doesn't like it when the resolution changes. Even though the resolution reverts back to normal when I log off the damage is already done. Can I stop logmein pro from controling the resolution? I understand it will probably look stupid on my remote computer but I don't really care.



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Re: Keep the Host Resolution The Same

Hello toddlarson4,


Welcome to the community and thank you for your question.


You may need to check with someone who is using this computer when a LogMeIn session is not in progress to find out which resolution it is set to run at normally. Then, next time you remotely control this computer, you may simply click the 'Options' button on the black bar which spans the top of the host computer's screen. From here, choose 'Resolution' and select the same resolution which the computer normally runs at. All future sessions from then on would use this choice and should not automatically change when remotely controlling the computer.


I hope this helps,

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Re: Keep the Host Resolution The Same

I am experiencing the same kind of issue. Even if the screen resolution on the host computer and the resolution on my log me in app is the same it still causes problems with the structure and size of the program. A solution would be very helpful.
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Re: Keep the Host Resolution The Same

I experienced this when the outlets that the monitors at a remote site tripped.  They lost power.  After restoring power, the monitors began mirroring this behavior.


When I connect remotely, everything looks fine on my end and at the remote site's end.

When I disconnect, the resolution on the remote end distorted and went to an incompatible resolution.


Fix:  While not remotely connected, have someone at the remote site right click the desktop and select "Screen Resolution" or "Display Settings" (depending on their version of Windows).  Then have them click the dropdown box under Resolution and select the "Recommended" setting or whichever you prefer.  Have then click Apply and Okay.


This takes care of the issue going forward.