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LogMeIn automatically minimises, when zooming out (Photoshop InDesign), or changing windows

I run two monitors on my Laptop, when I log into Logme in (using one monitor) I usually have my email or other apps open on the second monitor (local laptop), I also have a surface pro5 tablet, I use as a third monitor. I use synergy to remote control the surface pro with the same keyboard and mouse attached to my laptop) so I can control all three devices witn one mouse and keyboard (1.Remote session through LogMeIn, 2.Local laptop, 3. Local Surface pro5). 

So I have a setup with 3 monitors. the problem is, with the log me in session maximised on the main monitor, as soon as I click on my local laptop or surface pro, the log me in session minimises, I usually have mutiple suites open to do my job, 3D, and 2D drawings packages, excell and email, pdf etc all need to be open and accessible, and I switch betweeen applications and monitors frequently. HAVING LOG ME IN MINIMISE EVERY TIME YOU SWITCH MONITORS MAKES IT INCREDIBLY INFURIATING TO WORK WITH.

I also use indesign and photoshop, they have keyboard shortcut  "ctrl+alt+spacebar+left mouse click" for zooming out, and as I work on large projects I zoon in and out frequently, using this keyboard combination LogMeIn automatically minimises every time I zoom out INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING AND .  

So, if im working with a combination of switching monitors and zooming in and out, the LogMeIn session is automatically minimising every 10-20 seconds which makes it UNUSABLE. 


Using Log me in really slows me down, can someome please tell me where the setting is or option, to turn off the application from automatically minimising when switging monitors or using keyboard shortcuts for zooming out, why does it do this IT IS INCREDIBLY ANNOYING!


My 3 monitor 2 devise set up (laptop connected to monitor and cintiq screen and surface pro hung over laptop  monitor)My 3 monitor 2 devise set up (laptop connected to monitor and cintiq screen and surface pro hung over laptop monitor)


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Re: LogMeIn Application automatically minimises, when zooming out, or changing windows


Ok, I fould the cuilprit, the log me in app releases the window (minimises) when you hit the key combination "ctrl+alt" 


I've looked everywhere for an option to remap this to different combination, or turn off this feature, as I would prefer the window to stay in full screen mode until i tell it to release, its not very good having it release all the time automatically or using commonly used key combinations to release. 


Photoshop and Indesign use the key combination Ctr+alt for navigation, this needs to be either customisable through programming of different keys, or at minimum be an option you can uncheck? 


I navigate continuously through the day, but I would only want to minimise the session... only when i need to go to my local desktop, but as I have two monitors on my local desktop, thet would be NEVER, I dont want it ever to minimise as im working, its to odisruptive to your workflow, it should stey full screen unles I select the minimise window from the top menu.