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My original problem was being unable to uninstall LMI.  Told me to use Add/Remove programs.  Searching the Forums revealed there were MANY posts with this issue, all with the responce to search for Manual Uninstall.  (KGHalbe provides TONS of help on these forums, thanks for the direction)
That search just revealed MANY more posts with the same issue. Perhaps one of them had the answer, but none of the headings hinted to that.   I found one that directed me to the KnowledgeBase.  To speed future searches for users, I have pasted the KB entry here with a self-descriptive title

Why do I receive an error message when I try to install or uninstall LogMeIn that "Another version of this product is already installed"?


In order to solve the following error:

"Another version of this product is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue. To configure or remove the existing version of this product, use Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel"

you will need to go into the registry and delete the keys referencing your MSI package.

You can do this by going to the Start menu and selecting Run. Type regedit and press okay. Click:

the + next to SOFTWARE
the + next to CLASSES
the + next to INSTALLER
the + next to PRODUCTS

Next, please click on each folder, until you find the one on the right that says Product Name = Remotely Anywhere or Logmein. Delete this key and then attempt to re-install the software.

You can then install the software normally. Once you have installed the software you can do a normal uninstall to completely remove the software from your system.

If you are unable to reinstall LogMeIn normally, please try our command line install:

Go to the following website:

and download the file.

Next, create a folder in the C:/ drive called lmi. Then open the file and extract it to the lmi folder. Next, go to Start, then Run, and type cmd (Windows 98/ME should type command).

If the local operating system is 32-bit, then at the command prompt, type:

cd C:\lmi\x86 (hit enter)

logmein install (hit enter)


If the local operating system is 64-bit, then at the command prompt, type:

cd C:\lmi\x\64 (hit enter)

logmein install (hit enter)

You will then receive a message that install was successful. Close the command prompt window and click "Open LogMeIn" on the message that appears, and follow the steps to assign the computer to your LogMeIn account..

You uninstall LogMeIn via command line by typing "uninstall" instead of "install"
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First of all, thanks for doing a search and a bit of research for yourself rather than just post a question that has been posted and answered many, many times before.  I do wish more people would try that first.
Secondly, you mention I provide TONS of help, but you failed to mention that sometimes, it is even the correct answer !     I think LMI is a terrific product and company.  I only have used the FREE version, as it does basically what I need, so the company makes no money off of me.  This is my way to pay them back.  Besides, I also learn myself, from reading the boards.
And finally, you are absolutely right.  I have been telling everyone to search for "MANUAL UNINSTALL", and never realized that each time I do, it throws that message into the search results for the next person.  (Whoops, there goes another message into that lot !)   I will try to remember that the next time, and with the other answers that get repeated every couple of days.
Thank you for  the good idea, and bringing that to my attention.


(DISCLAIMER: I am NOT an employee of LMI, nor do I have any financial concern in LMI. I am strictly a HAPPY USER of LMI products. I am using PC version and XP SP2. Other systems or versions may act different than described above.)
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For those of you having the same issue, here are a few links:
just download the zip file at and run "logmein uninstallmirrordrv" on the logmein.exe file contained in it... worked like a charm.
However, you will notice that it still contains many registry keys, thus the following link may be helpful:
Disclaimer: I haven't tried the last solution yet, so try it at your own risk. I'm just posting this in case you are willing to do it. Hopefully an admin or someone will reply to this post (IN THIS THREAD -- so that others can find it) and mention the best way to remove ALL traces of LogMeIn.
This took me hours to find because of two things that went horribly wrong:
  1. LogMeIn should have removed EVERYTHING it installed and never leave behind anything when I uninstalled it.
  2. I couldn't find anything on these forums in a timely manner, due to the reasons I mention down below.
KGHalbe, I'm sure your intentions are well meaning, but the way you provide help to others is actually hurting these forums. Instead of providing a link to users to get their answers, you tell them which keywords to search for on these forums. As the original poster stated, every time you mention keywords to search, it pollutes the search results making it extremely hard for the user to find the information you want them to look for, and essentially the forum search becomes useless. This makes the user that had the question very frustrated as they now have to search in hundreds of posts just to find what they are looking for. And even if they did find something, it may not be what you intended them to find. It would be much easier if they could just click a link and go to exactly what it was you were referring to.
It doesn't help to reply to a post with telling someone to search the forums with some keywords, as we now know. So they would infact be better off if you didn't post at all. If you do want to help though, the best thing would be to find the post they need (since you know what to search for) and then reply with a simple "Please search the forums next time. Your answer can be found here (link to post)."
In fact, having multiple people post the same question is sometimes helpful, because people have different ways of expressing the same thing. For example, one user might ask "how do I uninstall X" while another user might ask "how do I remove X". This way if a user searches the forums for either word, they will find what they are looking for... especially if someone pasted a link to the answer.
Posting a link provides the additional benefit of proving that the post you talk about does indeed exist. If you are simply telling people to search for something and aren't sure if the topic exists it's really bad. You are giving them false hope (that their answer exists) and sending them on a wild goose chase (cause of all the times you mentioned those keywords) which could take hours to find.
I would just like to say that I wasn't trying to attack you personally. I, like many others on the forum, had a problem and wanted to use these forums to solve it. I found out that LogMeIn leaves around many registry entries and stuff on my system which I don't want. So naturally, I came to these forums and searched for how to uninstall all this crap. I then found the perfect post, someone asking the exact same question I had, and the answer was even better. It was your answer saying that if I search the forums, I can find out how to remove every residue file that LogMeIn leaves behind, including the drivers. However, you didn't provide the link and just said to search for "manual uninstall". And so I spent hours just trying to find this elusive "manual uninstall" post you mention. I eventually found what you were probably referring to, your original post mentioning how to uninstall LogMeIn from 2006. I was only able to find it by searching for "manual uninstall" and sorting by date ascending. Most people wouldn't know to do this and would have to go through 130+ posts until they found what you are talking about, and still might not be sure that it's really what you meant (heck, I don't even know if this is what you wanted me to find, since it's more than 3 years old). 
As to the original poster, you didn't help much either. You explain KGHalbe's mistakes of mentioning keywords and how it took you a while to find which post he was talking about. However, you only provide a solution for your specific problem, and aren't helping those that need the full directions. If it took you so long to find the information, please post the link next time so others don't have to spend as much time as you did. You never know which problems they may be having and why they need the link. It's always useful to refer people to where you got the information from (i.e. the source). Additionally, pasting the same information you found from the KB article you mention, is one of the worst things you can do. What if the information in the KB article gets updated by the LogMeIn team? Your post will still be found by many users that think this is the latest information and follow out of date advice. It's by far better to LINK to the KB article you found.
Hopefully this post can help those that are looking for manual uninstall directions, and also help those that provide help on the forums by learning how to post in a search-friendly manner. Btw, if I was wrong with any of the links I posted above, please correct them. I don't mind being wrong as LONG AS YOU PROVIDE THE LINKS and correct me.
Sorry if I offended anyone. It's just very frustrating when you have to spend 3+ hours on something that should take less than a minute.
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This approach trned a SINGLE error in my event viewer System into THREE new errors in applications and ONE new error in System.
I know you are trying but if you search Google or this forum it is obvious that this program uninstall is VERY FAULTED.
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You were MUCH too gentle!

Any company who cares about their customers would not have this uninstall problem.
And this forum and Google proves how bad the problem is.
It these guys could write code they would have a script or "Total uninstall program"
that would work after "add remove programs" does not to a complete uninstall.
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100% agree, these philistines will be criticized on my website...

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I have spent tons of hours and days trying to figure out how to completely get rid of the remaining "botched" uninstall of this program.  The only file left in the logmein free program folder is oddly named "LogMeIn_uninstall_in_progress" and it has been there for months now.  Every time I boot up this odd service fails to start: “LogMeIn Kernel Information Provider service failed to start" and I still have a mirror display driver that refuses to go away from the device manager in my windows XP system.  Any respectable company would make available an "Uninstaller/Cleaner program" to take care of their own control panel uninstaller shortcomings.  The emphasis here should be on respectable!   The fact the program is being offered for free should not give the developer the green light to spray all over my computer, enough said. Man Mad

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Same problems, the uninstall leaves a lot of junk behind, and I am spending hours trying to figure out how to REALLY uninstall Log Me In.  Unacceptable, bad.

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Hi there,


 I have read some comments trying to find a solution for this. When you uninstall LogMeIn there are three file left in your computer. I don't understand why but you can find them because you still see LogMeIn in your computer. When you try to uninstall them you get and error say that those file are being use for a program. If the program was uninstalled completly why are those files open and running? I don;t know but is a good question for the creators of LogMeIn.




   Open Stack Manager (Hit Alt + Ctrl + Delete keys at the same time) and go to the tab Proccesses. On the columm Image Name look for the LogMeIn that are running (could be more than one) click them and hit End Process. Close the Stack Manager window and now you can delete the three files.


 I'm sorry if it is not that clear, I''m just trying to help.



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I have followed numerous methods and still I find remnants of LogMeIn. Starting think this is Malware.


I've reinstalled then uninstalled. I've downloaded and done the LMI command line uninstall and then install/uninstall.


After NUMEROUS attempts, I still see bits of the display driver there and the guardian service! Why are so many pieces of this thing being left around on my computers????


Does anyone have a batch script(s) that removes all the files and the registry elements?


I see TeamViewer in my future...