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Multiple Monitor Setups with Logmein

Hi guys,


My computer recently crapped out and I am looking for a new one.  I want to make sure that my new computer and its setup are going to work well with logmein or some other remote desktop application.  With my old computer I used a dual monitor setup.  With the new computer I will go to an 8 monitor setup.  Does anyone have experience using logmein with more than 2 monitors?  How did that go?  Are there certain video cards that work better.


Has anyone had an issue with the video card slots, meaning, does logmein work regardless of whether the monitor is connected to its own video card slot (8 dvi slots), or whether I use a dvi splitter and use 4 slots for 8 monitors.  Does this make a performance difference?


Thanks for your help.

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Re: Multiple Monitor Setups with Logmein

Wow, that is going to be the setup!. I've have had good experience on one's up to 4 monitors on their own video cards, mostly ATI cards. The one thing I have had issues with (not really an issue but hard to use) was the triple Head Go from Matrox. when I login with LMI it shows all three screens as one screen. Which even on a 23" monitor makes it very small and hard to read. These are dispatch station at a 911 call center. Other techs I have talk to that use Teamviewer and GoToAssist also say they find this setup hard to view. I have a feeling that a splitter might not would, but I could be (very) wrong on that part.



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Re: Multiple Monitor Setups with Logmein

We'll, I have four monitors on my system and It worked perfectly at the beggining. There is an icon that you click when you are logged in remotely and it will switch between monitors. But lately, when I restart my computer, it disconnects one of my monitors and when I want to extend my desktop to it, I keep getting the message that the settings can not be saved, I try again, it successfully goes back to original (4 monitor) setting, but when I restart, I have to restart everything.


I uninstalled logMeIn from my computer and everything went back to normal.

I will try reinstalling it and I am hopping that it will fix the problem, because I love logMeIn, it helps me alot.


Also I have to mention that system boot up time takes a little longer and my monitors keep connect and disconnet at startup.