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logmein client problems when connecting to remote pc from linux-based browser

To anyone listening at logmein:

I am offering to pay you to spend a mere 5 minutes to test the below.

1.  Find a linux workstation (one with a window manager ( gnome, unity, kde, etc) and an internet connection (and obviously, a web browser).

2.  try to log into a logmein account to connect to a remote computer and click 'remote control' to actually make the connection and interact with the remote computer.  

3.  What happens?  Are you able to successfully connect to the computer and establish remote control to interact with anything the remote computer?  no?  THAT'S WHAT EVERY LINUX USER ENCOUNTERS!  PLEASE FIX THIS!  


The work around is connecting to the computer, letting it flash the yellow logmein client download box and then logging back into the remote computer a couple of times to that it eventually leaves you on the main.html page in the web browser, then change main.html to "remctrl.html?type=flash" in order to establish remote control.   This is a clumsy work around and I have had to do this since January 2014.  This takes away from the features of logmein and makes it frustrating and difficult to use your product.  I am not asking for a linux version of logmein, I just want to use a web-browser on a linux computer to connect to a remote computer using logmein.  Just fix this, please.  



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Re: logmein client problems when connecting to remote pc from linux-based browser

I revived this issue with a different spin... now flash mode is nonworking in build 13774