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Computer disconnecting from Logmein when client ends session

We are having an issue with one computer. We have a remote employee that connects to two different computers for different tasks. One of the computers becomes unavailable on the Logmein home screen whenever they disconnect. This issue does not persist with any other computer on the network. All computers are updated and run windows 10. The computer in question recently had a fresh install of Logmein.

To reiterate, once the remote employee disconnects from the host computer, it becomes unavailable and shows as if it is offline even though it is on and running. Restarting the computer seems to fix the issue but is very tedious and time consuming as they are switching tasks throughout the day.

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Re: Computer disconnecting from Logmein when client ends session

Hi @LLCPA, welcome to the community.


Have you tried connecting to this computer and then disconnecting yourself and does the same thing happen? If not, I would start with that. I would also take a look at the Host log files for clues: How to View Host Event Log Files 


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