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Logmein Pro Client compatibility with Apple Silicon M1 Macs and/or Rosetta

Does Logmein Pro Client work with the new Apple Silicon M1 Macs ? Either natively or through Rosetta emulation? Any plan to support the new Macs ?

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It is "caffeinate" not caffeinated.  Stupid spellcheck 🙂

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I have the same issue running Big Sur 11.4 on 24" iMac M1. 2021.  Also, If I select "blank screen option" screen goes whitewash ghosting articacts.  I have to log out and back in to reset screen.  

GoTo Moderator

I'm sorry we don't have any new development news around M1 compatibility yet. 

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

the only solution i have found is using the main menu option and rebooting the machine remotely.


caffeinate -u -t 2 does nothing on my system.


normal reboot works (but stinks)


logmein should fix and soon.  at these prices the product should actually work.

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This worked for me. Both host and client MacBook Air M1 running Big Sur. Saved me asking my client to keep rebooting his laptop (which also works - for a time). He thinks I'm magic...but I know you are!
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Where exactly do I find this main menu reboot option?  Thanks

New Contributor

main menu->preferences->advanced->view reboot options->normal reboot

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Every time I try to connect to an M1 Mac mini (with Big Sur) from a MacBookAir (with Big Sur), the Logmein client of the MacBookAir crashes.  Is there any way to fix this?  Please advise.

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This solution simply does not work for the M1 Mac. If the host screen / display is set to turn off (go black) in system preferences than LogMeIn (Central) does not take the Host Mac display out of this dark mode. Even though you are connected, all you see is a black screen. The Mac responds to the login BUT the Display does not...

New Contributor

Good evening,


Has there been any further discussions on this?  I have delayed updating to a new Mac with the M1 Pro for 6 months as I knew there were some compatibility issues with the software I use.  These have all been addressed, however, Logmein still hasn't fixed this issue.  


Please confirm timing for a solution to this issue.