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MacBookPro Retina Display Black

Since I've not gotten a response from "support" in over two weeks.... I'll try here.


Pro Accounts for over 4 years.


We recently upgraded two office MacBookPro's to the new MBPr and found that under the same exact circumstances we can not view the screen while controling them remotley. 


MBPr has external display connected (tried both apple display port to DVI and stright up HDMI) to a DELL monitor, nothing fancy. External keyboard connected and wireless mouse. 


When attempting a session with web/mac desktop client/iOS App we get the same results. If the monitor is on we can see during the session. If the monitor is sleeping or powered off we see black screen but can still use mouse or keyboard through remote session. 


Same setup with 2010 MacBookPro's are able to remote in just fine.


Years ago I had a tower setup to remote into and myself and the IT dept scratched our heads as to why we couldn't start Adobe products like Photoshop or Apple's Final Cut Pro. No error message or nothing. After much thought it turned out that these programes required an external display be connected to draw to or they wouldn't even start. I'm wondering if the new MBPr have similar requirements to "draw" for VPN's to be able to dial in when no display is on? I'm no programer though. Just a guy needing help with a product that should preform.


Thanks anyone who took time to read/respond. If there are enough of us they might fix it. 🙂

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@nokilesa  This typically occurs on systems that do not create the physical desktop space unless a display is recognized there.  Can you tell us what operating system the host is using? 

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