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Verification Codes Not Sending

I am trying to log in with my customer's LogMeIn account, in order to subscribe for another year. I provide the username and password, it says that it is sending a code to her email, and it never goes. I have admin access to her email so I can see that it is not actually hitting her mail server. 


Found another thread from four years ago suggesting that you can go to another website and the notifications will send if you use these servers. However, this solution no longer works. Tried calling support on the 00 61 1800 091 811 number, but that was a pointless exercise also. 


Right now I am completely locked out of my customers account because of this, and I had to set up this account in order to avail of this forum. Is there any solution to this or any way of getting it to use some other form of verification. 


Retired GoTo Contributor

Re: Verification Codes Not Sending

Hi @JonathanVital 

I apologize for the difficulty gaining access to the LogMeIn account. 


You can also create a case for email follow up through the form at the bottom of this support article: 


If you prefer a callback and cannot reach Customer Support through one of the listed phone numbers, please click my Community name to send a private message with the account email, as well as your own phone + contact info. 



Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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