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New Contributor

"Connection Refused. Another remote control client is connected from..."

Just recently I've started getting this error when trying to connect to my home laptop from work:


Connection Refused.

Another remote control client is connected from xx.xx.xx.xx



I'm the only person that uses LogMeIn to connect to my home laptop.

The "xx.xx.xx.xx" IP address listed in the error is the public IP address of my workplace laptop, which is what I'm trying to use to connect to my home laptop.


Does anyone know how to clear out what I am guessing is a stale connection without having direct physical access to the remote computer?  I'd rather not have to drive home to resolve this. 🙂



New Contributor

same problem here.  No help from customer support.

New Contributor

Same issue here.  Have you guys figured out how to resolve yet?  I really don't want to have to drive all the way to my office at 10:00pm on a Sunday but I have to send out a file tonight... UGH.

Active Contributor

This IP address is mine! Why can I not see or get into the system?

New Contributor

Same issue

New Contributor

Help! I am having the same issue and cannot find a solution

New Contributor

Same here, what can we do ?

New Contributor

Hey LogMeIn, It's been 3 and a half years...any update on this???

New Contributor

Why is LogMeIn avoiding this question? I see the same question all over the forums and NOBODY is giving a straight answer. We pay a LOT of money for this service....maybe we should be paying TeamViewer instead...

GoTo Manager

Hi @erbacaaa,


I apologize for the frustration. This issue can happen when the previous session fails to disconnect cleanly.  You can clear this from the Dashboard by selecting to Restart LogMeIn. This will restart the LogMeIn service on the computer and then you will be able to connect. 

Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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