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Cannot connect to unattended support computers

We have been a customer for several years but have not used GoToAssist in awhile. Just today, we had a need for it but could not establish an unattended support session on two of our computers that have unattended support already installed and set up. These computers were not in our list of unattended support computers in GoToAssist Expert. When these two computers connected to the Internet (after having been offline for a day or two), each one had a pop up appear that said “downloading required version of GoToAssist.” After a few seconds, another popup appeared saying “uninstalling current version of GoToAssist.” After another few seconds, both pop ups disappeared. The computers still did not appear in our list of unattended support computers. Both computers run build 1575 which I know is old, but it is still supported and is set in our Admin settings as the one to use. Please answer these questions to help us resolve the issue.

1. What causes “downloading required version of GoToAssist” to appear on a computer with unattended support? That seems to be the first sign that something is going wrong.

2. What prevents computers that have unattended support installed and set up from appearing in our list of unattended support computers in GoToAssist Expert?

3. Does unattended support expire on a computer that does not frequently connect to the Internet?

4. Does unattended support expire if an unattended support session is not performed after a certain period of time?

New Contributor

Re: Cannot connect to unattended support computers

We have encountered situations like this in the past as well.  Some machines disappear off the unattended list and some machines appear on the list but are listed as "off line".  I think in a few cases the end user is trying to be diligent in keeping their computer secure and are closing/exiting the GoToAssist icon in the system tray.  But that certainly wouldn't account for all the situations.  We have never really gotten to the bottom of why this happens either.


In answer to your questions:

1. Normally the "downloading required version......" appears because the version on the unattended machine does not match the version that you are running on your own computer.

2. I'm not sure either - we have had situations like this as well.  In some cases it could be that the machine name you are looking for is not the actual machine name or in our case we have about 600 machines that we support so we have them grouped by location - from time to time the machine ends up under the wrong location.  But yes there are machines that just don't show up.

3 and 4 - good questions - maybe the support team from GoToAssist can provide further information on this 

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Cannot connect to unattended support computers


I can state that Unattended setups will not expire on their own or uninstall the software.  If you have an Unattended client that is not currently showing up, we'd be very interested to know more about those affected environments, when the last time the PCs were rebooted, etc.