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Screen Blanking not working after Windows 10 2004

Microsoft has pushed out Windows 10 2004 to my workstations in our office and now screen blanking no longer works. 

My employee's are working remotely and rely on screen blanking for privacy. My company handles many sensitive items and this issue is causing havoc as I'm now having to move computers to new locations to protect information. 


Worst still LogMeIn has no detection method to caution the user that screen blanking is not working. Employee's are at home looking at confidential information for anyone in our office to see thinking the screen blanking is working unless informed by someone in the office. 


I've tried most of the fixes people would normally do, update drivers, enable disable hardware acceleration, remove and reinstall monitor drivers, display adapters. I've tried AMD, Intel, and Nvidia Graphics cards and the issue remains. 


I opened the support case 13356680 but that did not really provide any resolution and i was directed to call in. I talked with an agent where we looked at a few different items but found no resolution. In talking with development I was told 2004 is beta and unsupported???  Considering the size of LMI I would think you guys would be testing on the preview channel's to head off issues like this.


Does anyone else have the issue?

Has anyone figured out a workaround other than rollback of a system to the 1909 version? 

Is there any eta on a fix?


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I think the fact that @AshC is remaining silent on this thread speaks volumes, LogMeIn obviously don't want this issue being highlighted and are hoping they will have a fix before people that haven't noticed it so far start questioning them and moving provider. Luckily we managed to roll back the Window 10 2004 update on 2 PCs in our office that only updated recently and blanking is working but because my update was over 10 days ago rolling back the update is not an option. We have had to turn off Windows update on the 2 PCs for now while we await an answer from LogMeIn (not ideal at all) which I don't expect to happen given how this has been handled thus far. The plan now is to move the PCs that we need blanked for confidentiality purposes away from LogMeIn and over to VPN/RDP set up as we have been left with no choice. It's a pity LogMeIn haven't seen fit to handle this with some degree of customer care because up until this happened I couldn't fault the service.

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Just confirmed this doesn't work in Windows 10 20H2 either. 

So we are now 2 windows 10 versions deep with this not working. 1909 was the last one.

GoTo Moderator

Due to the development work required this new blanking technique is taking longer than expected.  I apologize for the delays and hope to have more information in the next week or two around a delivery ETA.

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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AshC, is the removal of the monitor switching button on the options bar also related to this issue?  If not, then why was that removed... it's a royal PITA to have double the number of windows open now.


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I am having the exact same issue.  Unable to "blank" out my screens, and also the toggle for the monitors has disappeared.  I have to now utilize the 1) options 2) monitors, then work it through there.

Is there currently a fix in process?  I did have a windows update last week on my computer as well.

Thank you!

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@AshC  Are we to understand that your programmers were  only working on the latest LMI update which now triggers a message to acknowledge the screen blanking issue. Seems like a limp attempt to help absolve LMI from legal ramifications.


The WU was released at the end of May 2020. Six months is too long to wait for a solution. Our organization has already found/tested a competitor that comes at a lesser price for our 200 seat subscription.



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@ITDEPT87 who have you found and do they have the same abilities as LMI?


I may have to look to change as well with the way this is working.





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@ITDEPT87  *please* do the community a favor and post the competitor you found that has implemented screen blanking.  This is a serious problem that every person on this thread is experiencing. Thank you!

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This is critical for our use as well.  @AshC  do you have an update??