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Support hangs up and disconnects a call they don't want to help

Support is terrible.  I pay way too much for a product that cannot provide proper support.  I bought a product that has an antivirus packaged.  I am now told it is a 3rd party program and not supported.  I do not pay Kaspersky, I pay Log Me In.  My employee was told from LMI support that they are phasing out Kaspersky and are no longer going to support it, that is why it most likely has issues rolling out.  I called in today asking for a way to remove from all the clients w/o remoting into each one.  I was told they don't support it.  When pushed I was offered a command line option from a support person who had NO CLUE how to use command.  They told me to go to downloads folder and run the removal tool in command.  I asked what the commands are and where the removal tool is, no answer other than 'it is in downloads'.  She put me on hold, then hung up.  I called back I keep being put on hold then hung up on.  It is off hours at 7:30-747 EST 2/7/18.  She has now hung up on me 4x w/o taking my calls.  I did not threaten or harrass.  I just stated my point that I am expecting support for a product that rolls out the antivirus, I need a way to remove w/o remoting into each system individually.      

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Re: Support hangs up and disconnects a call they don't want to help

Hi @Gfree,


I apologize for the poor experience. From looking in our system it appears that you have been in email contact with one of our support agents and they have provided you with the command you needed. Do you need any further assistance?

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Re: Support hangs up and disconnects a call they don't want to help

No, I never did get proper help.  I received an email with a command that did not work.  A 3rd party RMM (tested and installed AFTER this issue) worked AOK with their script.